A Word Problem with Acer Machines

16/08/16 - Ref A1189

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There is a known issue with Acer machines that come with the Acer Cloud pre installed. Basically they automatically install a Word add on that attempts to save your documents in their Acer Cloud. This Acer Add On has a bug that prevents any other application from saving office documents in any other location. When generating Word based documents from Job Tracker Pro, Word should automatically save the document to the appropriate location in the Job Tracker Pro documents folder. However, this Acer Add On forces Word to save to the default save location, which is typically the user's Documents. This results in a "Save As" prompt in Word and a broken document link in Job Tracker Pro.

The Solution:
Untill Acer fix the bug, the Add On needs to be disabled.
Within Word goto File / Options / Add-Ins / Manage Com Add-ins Click "Go" and remove the AcerCloud Word Add-in.