Latest Update

  • The new Version 4 Assign Engineer screen gives a clearer view of your engineers/ staff/ subcontractors & your relationship with them, helping you make informed decisions on who to assign to the job.
    Filter by skills, postcode & areas covered. NEW - view comments & star ratings.

    Version 6.9.89 - Read More
  • Now you have an ‘Ignore Contact’ tick box in the contacts page to allow you to make a contact, customer or client, unavailable for selection in relation to jobs or quotes. They will no longer be available for selection in the ‘picking contact’ search screen.

    Version 6.9.86 - Read More
  • Now you can disable the function that allows engineers with Job Tracker Mobile to reassign the handset, thus preventing them viewing jobs assigned to other staff.
    Apply % discounts to certain products for specific clients. These discounts will apply each time the item is added to their jobs.

    Version 6.9.15 - Read More
  • New to Job Tracker Professional, track & progress sales leads from enquiry to sale. Easily see the status of each lead, details of last contact & the next action needed, along with dates. The sales lead report shows at a glance what needs to be done to progress leads to a successful sale.

    Version 6.8.61 - Read More
  • We've added a shortcut to speed up data entry when creating new jobs or quotes. The reporting tool now allows exclusion filters to be applied. In addition you can now create printable diary appointments with in depth data associated, without needing to first create a job or quote.

    Version 6.4.2 - Read More
  • Introducing enhanced functionality to batch invoicing allowing greater customisation. This update also brings improvements to the Purchase Order section facilitating creation of multiple customised templates allowing creation of documents tailored to suppliers needs.

    Version 6.3.0 - Read More
  • Introducing the ability to access multiple jobs at the same time. Each job opens in a new window with the unique Job Number prominently displayed in the top border. The windows can be minimised or maximised when needed, allowing you to easily switch between jobs.

    Version 6 - Read More
  • Enjoy an improved search jobs screen. Search results are presented in pages with the ability for users to specify the number of records per page. You can also click back and forward to look through pages, or you can select to jump to a specific page.

    Version 5.1.12 - Read More