Cloning a Job or Quote

04/07/17 - Ref A1222

NOTE - We continue to develop and enhance our software with new features to help you grow your business so as of Jan 2021 you can add pre set rules to apply to cloned jobs. These rules can be used to determine the content of fields in the newly created job to reduce the need for manual changes. More information can be found here

Remember, we are always keen to hear of your suggestions for enhancements or indeed develop bespoke modifications as part of our bespoke software development service. Get in Touch to share your ideas or learn more.

You are able to clone either a Job or Quote on Job Tracker Professional.

This is useful for repeat work, you can create a copy of the job at a click of a button and then only needs minimal pieces of information added or amended. (with the new enhancements mentioned above you can now go that step further)

Either create and save a new job/quote that you want to use as a template, or search for and load the job or quote that you wish to copy.

Job/Quote has loaded, hold down the ‘Ctrl’ key on the keyboard and right click on the Job Number, this will be displayed in bold, black writing in the top left-hand side of the page. A pop up will then appear asking you if you would like to clone the job, click yes.