Slow Response / Freezing / Not Responding

30/06/15 - Ref A1192

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You Said

“Job Tracker Pro is running slow, it keeps freezing and says "not responding". It takes ages even just entering a job. It’s really beginning to cause us problem.""

We Said

“We completed our usual checks, reviewing the error log files, and defragmenting the database. No problems were found.
This suggested Job Tracker Pro was fine and that it was the infrastructure it relies on that was struggling.
Generally, infrastructure checks would be completed by customers IT support but in order to assist we checked the anti-virus was not scanning the database and carried out a brief network speed check, we found no real problems.

At this point we suggested their IT support needed to become involved, they however reported back that the infrastructure was fine and it was a Job Tracker Pro issue.
We again ran several tests and everything still pointed to the infrastructure as the cause, the infrastructure being the physical hardware, anti-virus and operating systems etc.
The customers IT support agreed to investigate further and discovered a kink in a network cable, this was causing lots of noise and network failures (retries) which only became apparent when Job Tracker Pro tried to send lots of data across the network.
Replacing the cable improved the situation but the system was still freezing on occasions.
Their IT support ran diagnostics on the PCs hard drive and found it was failing. This was causing the system freezes.
The hard drive was finally replaced and Job Tracker Pro was once again performing smoothly and exactly as expected."