I know we're only using a fraction of the software but when customers call we can help them right away. More than happy to recommend Job Tracker Professional
Nick, Electrical Contractors, London
Nothing seems too much trouble for Sam, he was patient and helped us benefit as much as possible from Job Tracker, A big thank you.
Chris, locksmiths, Cardiff
To be able to work so closely with the developer and get almost instant fixes & / or amendments has been outstanding. Great company to work with
Daniel, Diamonds In Style

Latest Updates - Version 6.3.0

Customisable batch invoicing function &
introduction of multiple purchase order templates facility

V6.3.0 Available for immediate download to all our lease and contracted support customers.

Introducing enhanced flexibility within the batch invoicing function to allow more customisation. Simply add the merge codes of the fields that you wish to include.

  • Access the control panel.
  • Select the programme features tab.
  • Click batch invoicing.
  • At the bottom of the new screen you will notice a field titled Merge Codes. Type the relevant codes for the fields that you wish to add, separate them only with a space.
  • Click save, then click ok.

    This upgrade also introduces the ability to create multiple customised templates for purchase orders, allowing you to create shortcuts and tailor your purchase orders to meet the needs and preferences of your various suppliers.

  • Create and save your templates in the usual manner.
  • From the home screen select Purchases.
  • Select the Documents/Emails tab.
  • Press control and left mouse click in the shortcut box you wish to use then assign the template in the usual way.
  • Click Save, the shortcut should then be ready for use.

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